Telugu ‘chaaTu’ tales – (6) : VemulavaaDa Bhiimakavi -3.

There was one more incident, a tale that made this uncommon faculty in the personality of VemulaaaDa Bhiimakavi firmly establish in the memory of general public. That incident is stated to have occurred right in the presence of the king Chokkabhuupaala.  This king Chokkabhuupaala  is believed to be from the lineage of kings belonging to … Continue reading Telugu ‘chaaTu’ tales – (6) : VemulavaaDa Bhiimakavi -3.

Tenali Ramalingakavi’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems (2)

Tenali Ramalingakavi’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems (2) ptRvvaTa baabaa; talapai puvvaTa jaabilli; valva buuchaTa; cheadea buvvaTa; huLuLuk huLuLu kkavvaTa, talapaMga naTTi harunaku jea jea! ప్తృవ్వట బాబా; తలపై పువ్వట జాబిల్లి; వల్వ బూచట; చేదే బువ్వట; హుళుళుక్ హుళుళు క్కవ్వట, తలపంగ నట్టి హరునకు జే జే!              (In Telugu font) ptRvva is his vehicle; on his head the moon is a flower; the … Continue reading Tenali Ramalingakavi’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems (2)