kriiDaabhiraamaM – 4

Establishing or highlighting the theme of the play at the beginning of the play itself, by indirect reference or suggestive reference to the main content of the theme is an important component of Indian ancient drama. vinukonDa vallabharaaya also followed this tradition of suggestive reference to the main events or theme of the play, composed … Continue reading kriiDaabhiraamaM – 4

kriiDaabhiraamaM – 3

‘దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స‘ ‘Amongst the languages of the land Telugu is the best’ –  This ‘poetic statement’, adage or saying – whatever one may call it – has been in existence since long and it has been popularly believed to have been told by Sri Krishnadevaraya, the most famous, revered and loved king of … Continue reading kriiDaabhiraamaM – 3

kriiDaabhiraamaM – 2

In Indian way of dramatics, there are ten methods of practicing and/or producing drama. The method called ‘Street’ or ‘Street play’ is one of them. The work ‘kriiDaabhiraamaM’ is a ‘one-canto ‘ poetic play in Telugu classical literature consisting of an admixture of 294 verse and blank verse – a way of authoring a poetic work … Continue reading kriiDaabhiraamaM – 2

kriiDaabhiraamaM – 1

gaNana kekkina daSaruupakamulayaMdu vividha rasabhaavabhaavana viidhi lessa; yea kaviiMdruDu raciyiMche nii prabaMdha manucu mii raanaticcedaraina vinu@MDu. గణన కెక్కిన దశరూపకములయందు వివిధ రసభావభావన వీధి లెస్స; యే కవీంద్రుడు రచియించె నీ ప్రబంధ మనుచు మీ రానతిచ్చెదరైన వినుఁడు. Among the much acclaimed ten methods of drama Method ‘Street’ capable of exhibiting various emotions is without doubt the best; if you order … Continue reading kriiDaabhiraamaM – 1