తమసో మా జ్యోతిర్గమయ!



Writings in this blog are the result of my fondness,  amateurish curiosity and wish to present some of the general information about the history, culture and literature of people of Andhra Pradesh, India, where I too belong.

The language spoken is Telugu.

Basis for these writings is mostly from things I memorized while reading on those topics from  books and periodicals over the years. These writings, I am afraid,  are, therefore, too general in nature and may not be fit to be taken as too authoritative a material.

I am fond of poetry.

Though fondness for poetry in itself is not a qualification for attempting translation of poetic works, out of my curious wish to present the finer aspects of classical poetry in Telugu language, I attempted some translation, which may appear too amateurish; but to the best of my capabilities each time I found that was the best way I could do it.

I am also fond of photography. So, here and there, there can be found some posts on photography also!

Thanks for visiting and do visit again!


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