Srinatha’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems – (3) – part:2

The second part of the story relating the ‘chaaTu’ poem ‘sarvajna naamadheayamu’ told by the great poet Srinatha is as under: One of the persons who were present in the royal court of the king Sarvajna Singabhupala at the time of Srinatha reciting the poem ‘sarvajna naamadheayamu’ thinks inappropriate to equate the epithet ‘sarvajna’ – … Continue reading Srinatha’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems – (3) – part:2

Telugu ‘chaaTu’ tales – (6) : VemulavaaDa Bhiimakavi -3.

There was one more incident, a tale that made this uncommon faculty in the personality of VemulaaaDa Bhiimakavi firmly establish in the memory of general public. That incident is stated to have occurred right in the presence of the king Chokkabhuupaala.  This king Chokkabhuupaala  is believed to be from the lineage of kings belonging to … Continue reading Telugu ‘chaaTu’ tales – (6) : VemulavaaDa Bhiimakavi -3.