I am B.V. RAO, male, aged 56 years. This blog is my diary of random thoughts on history, culture and literature of people of Andhra Pradesh, India. That is where I belong and so generally, I am interested in these subjects. I must admit that apart from occasional readings from books and periodicals I happen to lay my hands on, I have no specialized knowledge in these subjects.  The posts on these subjects may at places reflect my limited knowledge on these subjects and hence are for casual reading only and not in any way intended to be treated as authoritative material nor suitable for specialized reading.

Due credits have been given for references made to the material of other learned elders and well-known personalities. My sincere apologies for unintentional omissions and commissions, if any, noticed, which will be corrected. Likewise, due care has been taken to present the historical facts correctly.  My sincere apologies for unintentional errors, if any, noticed, which will be corrected.

Here and there, for variety,  there will be some posts of my poetry in English, as well.

–MEmory Lines.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Sir,
    I came here after a reference to your blog posts on GadhaSaptasathi from someone. Interesting.
    Do you know of pustakam.net? I think you can contribute your views on literature there 🙂

    1. Yes, I know pustakam.net, I had been there a few times before! Thanks for visiting this blog! I would like to be there at ‘pustakam.net’ soon, as you suggested!
      Thanks once again! 🙂

  2. నమస్తే, మీ బ్లాగు అన్వీక్షణం చూశాను. మీరు తలపెట్టదలచుకున్న వాటికి తెలుగు వికీ ప్రాజెక్టులు ఉపయోగపడవచ్చు. తెలుగు వికీసోర్స్ లో చిలుకూరి వీరభద్రరావు గారి ఆంధ్రుల చరిత్రము పాఠ్యీకరణ జరుగుతున్నది. చూసి స్పందించగలరు.

  3. Dear Brother
    Thank u for giving your valuable time .
    Your thought of sharing old Telugu literature is always adorable.
    thank you once again.
    Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Sankranthi and Pongal
    with regards

  4. మీ గాథా సప్తశతి కలెక్షను వెదుక్కుంటూ వచ్చిన నాకు చక్కని విందు భొజనం పెట్టారు. ధన్యవాదాలు సార్.

    1. ‘గాథా సప్తశతి’ పై ఇందులో వ్రాయబడిన విషయాలు మీకు ఆనందాన్నిచ్చి నందుకు చాలా సంతోషం SK గారూ! అలాగే, మీ వ్యాఖ్యకు కూడా చాలా ధన్యవాదాలు!

    1. It is difficult to give a clear answer…but since the word ‘gunAmu’ in Telugu
      means ‘a good quality’, the meaning of this word ‘guNaga’ can be understood as
      a title that denotes ‘a worthy personality endowed with increasing number of
      good qualities’…as I understand it!

      Thanks for visiting and do visit again!

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