Some of the best poems from Potana’s ‘Bhaagavatamu’-[3]

alasulu maMdabuddhiyutu lalpataraayuvu lugraroega saM
kalitulu maMdabhaagyulu sukarmamu levviyu jeayagajaala rii
kaliyugamaMdu maanavulu; gaavuna neyyadi sarvasoukhyamai
yalavaDu? neamiTaM boDamu naatmaku SaaMti? muniiMdra! ceppavea?

అలసులు మందబుద్ధియుతు[1] లల్పతరాయువు[2] లుగ్రరోగ సం
కలితులు మందభాగ్యులు సుకర్మము లెవ్వియుఁ జేయఁగజాల రీ
కలియుగమందు మానవులు; గావున నెయ్యది సర్వసౌఖ్యమై
యలవడు? నేమిటం బొడము నాత్మకు శాంతి? మునీంద్ర! చెప్పవే?

(శ్రీమహాభాగవతము – ప్రథమ స్కందము – 44వ పద్యము)

Generally lethargic, low in intellect, have curtailed life spans, troubled with
Great diseases, sufferers of misfortune, not capable of doing good deeds
Men in these days of Kaliyuga[3]; hence which deed with all ease performed?
Which earns peace to the soul? The greatest of ascetics! Don’t you please tell?


This poem is in the Sanskrit meter known as “Champaka maala”.

[1] మంద+బుద్ధి+యుతులు = not sharp+intellect or understanding+persons having – which means persons who are not having sufficient sharpness of intellect to understand things concerning what is good and what is bad etc.

[2] అల్పతర+ఆయువు(లు) = very less measure of + life span – which means persons who are having their life span curtailed (due to various reasons of misfortune).

[3] Kaliyuga : The age of Kali which is thought to be of 432000 years duration as per Hindu Mythology.

As per the principles or customarily followed and believed thinking in Hindu Mythology, the division of time has been made into 4 great ages i.e., 4 yugas viz., Krita yuga, Treata yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali yuga. Kali yuga or The age of Kali is reckoned from the day of death of Lord Shri Krishna.

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