Some of the best poems from Tikkana’s ‘Andhra MahA BhAratam’-(1)

tikkana’s rendition of the Sanskrit mahabharatam into Telugu commences from ViraaTa parva. By this time the five paanDava princes along with their princess draupadi (and the sage folk who accompanied them and stayed with all through the 12 years period of exile or stay in forests) had successfully completed the stipulated stay in forests and were heading towards the more complicated and tricky period of one year stay in disguise (since if any one of them are recognised during this period of one year in disguise, the entire ordeal of 12 years stay in forests to be followed with the one year stay in disguise will repeat).

The story of this parva therefore rightfully commences with the eldest of the five panDava princes dharmaraaja thanking the sage group (who had been with the all through the period of 12 years of stay in forests) and requesting them to leave so that they could from then one progress towards the final stage period of one year stay in disguise.

tellaMbugaade miikella suyoedhanu ceasina kuTila viceashTitaMbu
lakaTa! maatoe miiru naDavula niDumala boMditi; rokabhaMgi boeye gaala;
midi badamuuDagu neaDu maa kajnaatavaasaMbu salupaMga valayu; niMdu
dhaartraraashTrulu suutatanaya soubalulunu je~rupana veaturu; chinnasanna

ye~rigi reani jaalaneggu vaaTillu, naTlaguTa mammuniMka nati rahasya
vRttimai nirasta viGhnularai cariyiMpuDani yanugrahiMpavalayu.

తెల్లంబుగాదె మీకెల్ల సుయోధను  చేసిన కుటిల విచేష్టితంబు
లకట! మాతో మీరు నడవుల నిడుమలఁ బొందితి; రొకభంగిఁ బోయెఁ గాల;
మిది బదమూఁడగు నేఁడు మా కజ్ఞాతవాసంబు సలుపంగ వలయు; నిందు
ధార్త్రరాష్ట్రులు సూతతనయ సౌబలులును జెఱుపన వేతురు; చిన్నసన్న

యెఱిఁగి రేనిఁ జాలనెగ్గు వాటిల్లు, నట్లగుట మమ్మునింక నతి రహస్య
వృత్తిమై నిరస్త విఘ్నులరై చరియింపుఁడని యనుగ్రహింపవలయు.

It is by now clear to you all the ill-intentioned deeds of Suyoedhana
Alas! You all have suffered with us in these forests! Somehow time passed;
This is the thirteenth year for us to spend in disguised living; in this living
The sons of dhritarashTra, suuta and subala would try to foil; a small

Indication of us would lead to a lot of spoil, so bless us to spend days
In some secret occupations without ever having any kind of hindrances.

The above poem is 47th in viraaTa parvaM; prathama aaSvaasaM (first chapter) and  in the metered composition known as siisamu followed by aaTa veladi.

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