Some of the best poems from Nannaya’s ‘Bhaaratam’ – (7)

kshitinaatha kaDu nakaruNaa
nvitulai niitammu lati viveakaviduurul
mati dala@Mpaka naaputtraku
natibaalaku nanaparaadhu naDachiri pelucan

క్షితినాథ కడు నకరుణా
న్వితులై నీతమ్ము లతి వివేకవిదూరుల్
మతి దలఁపక నాపుత్త్రకు
నతిబాలకు ననపరాధు నడచిరి పెలుచన్   (aadi parvaM – 1st aaSvaasaM – 83rd Poem)

Lord of the earth, turning too unkind
Your brothers who are too far way to prudence
Without thinking a bit hit my son
Too tender a kid for no fault of his too hard

tagu nidi taga dani yedaloe
vagavaka saadhulaku@M beadavaaralakeggul
mogi@Mjeayu durviniitula
kagu nanimittaagamaMbu layina bhayaMbul

తగు నిది తగ దని యెదలో
వగవక సాధులకుఁ బేదవారలకెగ్గుల్
మొగిఁజేయు దుర్వినీతుల
కగు ననిమిత్తాగమంబు లయిన భయంబుల్  (aadi parvaM – 1st aaSvaasaM – 84th Poem)

Without minding in heart whether it is
Justified or unjustified to those badly-virtuous who
Intentionally cause harm to poor and pious
Would happen un-expectantly terrifying occurrences

Near by the place where the king Janamejaya (the son of the Pandava king Parikshit – who inherited the kingdom from the Pandavas after the conclusion of the great war of Mahabharat) was performing a vedic ritual (known by the name satra yaagam) for the well-being of all the people of his kingdom, a little dog – known as saarameayamu (son of the mother dog sarama) happens to playfully roam, unmindful of the ritual that was being performed there. Taking offence at this, the younger brothers of the king Janamejaya – known by names Srutaseana and Ugraseana – hit the little dog too harshly, unmindful of the harm they were causing to an innocent little dog.

Hit by the two younger brothers of the king Janamejaya, the little dog saarameayamu goes to its mother crying with pain and explains what had happened. Pained by the rude behaviour of the brothers of the King Janamejaya and also pained by the plight of its little son, the mother dog sarama goes to the king Janamejaya and hits out with all the anger the unjustified deed had caused to its motherly heart.

In the first poem nannaya explains the negative-ness of the deed and the attitude of the younger-brothers of the king Janamejaya by using the words denoting negative-ness – akaruNaanvitulu which means ‘persons with unkind attitude’ and ati viveakaviduurulu which means ‘persons who are too un-prudent and who are yet to go a long way to understand the common prudent ways of the world’.

In the second poem the results of such unjustified deeds that may accrue or bring upon in near future are told in a manner that need to be remembered as a virtue.

Both these poems are in ‘kanda’ metered composition.

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