Telugu Cinema literature – Devulapalli Krishna Sastry (1)

Needless to say, Cinema belonged to the ‘modern’ age in human history. In Telugu language Cinema arrived in the year 1931. The first talkie ‘bhakta prahlada’ directed by Late Sri HM Reddy was released on 15th Sept., of that year. And from then on, there was no looking back for Telugu Cinema. As days progressed it gained enormous popularity and became an integral part of the lives of Telugu-speaking people wherever they lived across the globe.

Among other things, Telugu Cinema brought with it a form of song till then not existed. It is the form of song that gave expression to feelings of puritanical love, bereavement and sorrow etc., in a language the youth of the day, who were getting exposed to the English-way of education, could easily memorise and sing. Those were the days when the urge for being ‘modern’ and an enormous desire for change took hold of every sphere of life. According to the collective wish of the educated youth of the day, literature too changed. It shunned old form of ‘poem-writing’ which to the eyes of the newly educated youth appeared too restrictive with all its in-built limitations and propagated the new form of writing poetry in a style that practiced no restrictions and no limitations. The thing known as the ‘feeling’ that made the human heart to love, laugh and think has been given the utmost importance. Of all those who practiced this ‘modern’ way of writing poetry, one name stood out prominent and that was Devulaplli Krishna Sastry. He entered Telugu Cinema in the year 1951 with the movie Malliswari. He was one of the few prominent Cinema Poets who gave literature to Telugu Cinema. The song given below is even to this day regarded as one of his best and also one of the best of the songs Telugu Cinema has ever produced.

manasuna mallela maalaluugene
kannula vennela Doela luugene
eMtahaayi ii reayi niMDenoe
enni naaLLakii bratuku paMDenoe

kommala guvvalu gusagusa maninaa
remmala gaalulu usurusuraninaa

alalu kolanuloe galagalamaninaa
davvuna veaNuvu savvaDi vininaa

niivu vachcheavani – nii pilupea vini
kannula niiriDi kalayajuuchitini

gaDiya yeani ika viDichi poekumaa
eagasina hRdayamu pagula niikumaa

enni naaLLakii bratuku paMDenoe
eMta haayi ii reayi niMDeanoe

మనసున మల్లెల మాలలూగెనె
కన్నుల వెన్నెల డోల లూగెనె
ఎంతహాయి ఈ రేయి నిండెనో
ఎన్ని నాళ్ళకీ బ్రతుకు పండెనో

కొమ్మల గువ్వలు గుసగుస మనినా
రెమ్మల గాలులు ఉసురుసురనినా

అలలు కొలనులో గలగలమనినా
దవ్వున వేణువు సవ్వడి వినినా

నీవు వచ్చేవని – నీ పిలుపే విని
కన్నుల నీరిడి కలయజూచితిని

గడియ యేని ఇక విడిచి పోకుమా
ఏగసిన హృదయము పగుల నీకుమా

ఎన్ని నాళ్ళకీ బ్రతుకు పండెనో
ఎంత హాయి ఈ రేయి నిండేనో

In my mind jasmine garlands are swaying
In my eyes moonlight merrily swinging
How much pleasure this night looks filled with
After how many days this life has got its worth

In the branches of trees whenever little birds chirped
Passing through the leaves whenever the air hissed

In the pond whenever the waves sang in ripples
From a distance whenever I heard the traces of a flute

Thinking you arrived – listening you call my name
I instantly looked around filling my eyes with tears

Do not leave me and go not even for a moment
Do not let the heart be broken now in exaltation

After how many days this life has got its worth
How much pleasure this night now looks filled with

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