Kavi Choudappa Satakamu (rendered into English) – (17)

uMdu rupakaara hiinulu
komdaru doravadda, Sivuni guDipai nuMDea
naMdula vale bigiyiMchuka
kaMdamulanu guMdavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

ఉందు రుపకార హీనులు
కొందరు దొరవద్ద, శివుని గుడిపై నుండే
నందుల వలె బిగియించుక
కందములను గుందవరపు కవి చౌడప్పా!   (Poem – 30)

Some men will always be found seated by the lord
Services of whose turn out to be no use to any one
Appearing in form as nandis on temples of Lord Siva
Rigid and rock-like, kundavarapu kavi chouDappaa!


In this poem kavi chouDappa employed the straight forward satire and sarcasm to the maximum extent possible using not a single bad word in the entire poem.

The intended meaning is easily understandable; it says about the uselessness of some persons who, though being placed in positions capable of helping others one way or other in situations of their need, are too unapproachable and even when approached with the hope of getting some help from them, they behave as if they didn’t even recognize the persons approached.

The comparison kavi chouDappa made to drive this point clearly to the reader is by comparing such persons to the lifeless forms of ‘nandi’ one can find on the temples of Lord Siva.

As per Hindu mythology, ‘nandi’ or ‘nandiiswara’ is the staunch devotee of Lord Siva who once goes into ‘tapassu’ the act of thousands of years devotional penance and when duly pleased by this Lord Siva presents his appearance before him, he again asks for the boon of his being in the same act of devotional penance (tapassu) for some thousands of years more, in fact double the initial period.  Pleased Lord Siva gives him this boon and eventually accepts him a place equivalent to a son. nandi becomes the vehicle for Lord Siva and presents himself wherever Lord Siva is there with a look of dispassion and unequivocal devotion towards the Lord. In Hindu mythology, no one can find any instance of anyone getting any sort of help from nandiiswara because of his proximity to Lord Siva. kavi chouDappa, therefore, made the comparison that though such persons are truly devoted to their lord and serve him with utmost devotion, it would be futile to expect any help or favors from them since they are not used to do such favors and their whole life services are only centered around their lord, like in the case of nandiiswara to Lord Siva.

One thought on “Kavi Choudappa Satakamu (rendered into English) – (17)

  1. Where can I get full shatakam of Kavi Chowdappa in print or in internet to down load.please email me.He wrote excellent poems even though they are vulger but carries the sermon.

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