Kavi Choudappa Satakamu (rendered into English) – (16)

munupaTi sukavula niitulu
jananutamulu, kuMdavarapu chouDuni niitul
vinavina deaTa tenuMgai
kanabaDugada kuMdavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

మునుపటి సుకవుల నీతులు
జననుతములు, కుందవరపు చౌడుని నీతుల్
వినవినఁదేట తెనుంగై
కనబడుగద కుందవరపు కవి చౌడప్పా!        (Poem -16)

Virtuous things told by those good earlier poets are
Praised by people all, virtuous things of kundavarapu
chouDa appear clearer in clear Tenugu as they hear
One time to the other, kundavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

                The confidence kavi ChouDappa got in himself appears quite clearly in this poem. While accepting that the virtuous things good and praise worthy poets like nannaya, tikkana etc., prior to him told were generally accepted by one and all as good and useful poems, he still felt that his poems are different in a way that the virtuous things and their meanings he actually intended would go on becoming clearer by each single reading.

               In this poem also, the two words he used in the third line of the poem ‘తేట తెనుంగై కనబడు’ firstly generally mean ‘the meaning will become clear’ and will mean in the intended second meaning as ‘since the words are in uncomplicated clear Telugu, one can see the meaning more clearly’.

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