Kavi Choudappa Satakamu (rendered into English) – (15)

kaMdamu niivale jeppea
yaMdamu marigaana mevariyaMdunu gavisaM
kraMdana yasadRSa nuutana
kaMdarpaa kuMdavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

కందము నీవలెఁ జెప్పే
యందము మఱిగాన మెవరియందును గవిసం
క్రందన యసదృశ నూతన
కందర్పా కుందవరపు కవి చౌడప్పా!  (Poem 12)

The beautiful way you can tell a kanda poem
In no other else we can see, an Indra[1] among
Fellow poets, modern manmatha[2] having no
Comparables, kundavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

At the outset, this poem appears a sort of self-praise, a kind of rhetoric. Nevertheless, keeping in view the way he told his kanda poems, the self praise and rhetoric employed in this poem by kavi chouDappa on his own capability of telling poems of high quality in ‘kanda’ metrical composition does not appear out of place and hence to be taken a deserving one.

In this poem too, the way he interspersed the sound ‘ంద’ in the poem in the words ‘కందము’, ‘యందము’, ‘యందు’, ‘క్రందన’, ‘కందర్పా’,  and ‘కుందవరపు’ gave the poem a trot like movement which will be pleasing while reading the poem or while listening to it as someone read it out.

This is the reason why the capabilities of kavi chouDappa in telling poems in ‘kanda’ metrical composition are recognized and agreed to by one and all as the finest and have only very few equals even from amongst the more note worthy poets  of Telugu classical literature in that aspect.


[1] The actual word used here is ‘saMkraMdana’ which refers to the God Indrathe head of all Gods in Hindu mythology.

 [2] The actual word used here is ‘kaMdarpa’ which refers to the Hindu God manmatha, whose equivalent in Greek mythology is the God Cupid.

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