Kavi Choudappa Satakamu (rendered into English) – (14)

aMdamulai vinavina javi
kaMdamulai maMchi niiti kaMdamulai tea
aMdaru chaduvudu rabhina
kaMdarpaa, kuMdavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

అందములై వినవిన జవి
కందములై మంచి నీతి కందములై తే
అందరు చదువుదు రభిన
కందర్పా, కుందవరపు కవి చౌడప్పా!      (Poem – 11) (in Telugu font)

Such poems which appear good and as one hears them
Again and again sound pleasantly good to the ear and
The kandas with virtuous things good, everyone will read
You the modern Cupid, kundavarapu kavi chouDappaa!

The essence of this poem is, a poem should look good to the eye (as told by Nannya in his words ‘అక్షర రమ్యత’, which mean the words used should make the poem ‘appear’ pleasant to the looking eye and listening mind), sound pleasant to the listening ear and being in kanda metrical composition should at the same time contain good things for reader to understand and follow.

The special quality in this poem and many of such poems written by kunadavarpu kavi chouDappa is the way he employs the words, so that the interspersing of certain sounds (eg., in this poem the sound ంద in the words అంద – anda, కంద –kanda, కుంద- kunda) give a pleasing rhyming movement to the entire poem. This is a special movement, a trot like movement, which can be obtained especially from a poem said in kanda metrical composition. This is understandably one of the reasons for the well known popularity of kavi chouDappa’s poems.

The words in the second line of the poem ‘మంచి నీతి కందములై తే’ can be understood in two different ways; in a general way they mean ‘if they are good kanda poems’ and in the way he intentionally made it obscure, they can be read as ‘మంచి నీతికి అందములైతే’ which mean ‘if they contain good virtuous things’.  This way of composing words to mean an additionally obtainable meaning in addition to the generally understandable meaning is called ‘శ్లేష’ – a second meaning.

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