kriiDaabhiraamaM – 2


In Indian way of dramatics, there are ten methods of practicing and/or producing drama. The method called ‘Street’ or ‘Street play’ is one of them. The work ‘kriiDaabhiraamaM’ is a ‘one-canto ‘ poetic play in Telugu classical literature consisting of an admixture of 294 verse and blank verse – a way of authoring a poetic work known as ‘champoo’. This work ‘kriiDaabhiraamaM’ was authored by poet VinukonDa Vallabharaaya, who it is estimated based on available historical data, belonged to 15th Century AD. This work is considered distinctly different from other poetic works in Telugu classical literature since it has recorded very realistically the daily life and their mannerisms of common men and women belonging to different trades and customs belonging to the Kaakatiiya period. Though at places the language used is considered very obscene, still it is regarded as a work of great importance because of its realistic portrayal of people and things belonging to a period (i.e., kaakatiiya period) in the history of Telugu speaking people of combined Andhra Pradesh.

kriiDaabhiraamaM was an inspired work. There was a work known by name ‘preamaabhiraamaM’ written in Sanskrit language by a poet by name RaavipaaTi TripuraantakadeavuDu. Vaallabharaaya got inspired by this work and followed this work in bringing out ‘kriiDaabhiramaM’ in similar lines in Telugu language. It is unfortunate that the work ‘preamaabhiraamaM’ is presently not available and no one has read it so far. Had this work been available, it would have been possible to assess how far its influence had gone into authoring ‘kriiDaabhiraamaM

The word ‘he’ in the first line of the above poem, refers to this same RaavipaaTi TripuraaMtakadeavuDu, whom Vallabharaaya extolled as one of the greatest poets comparable to Nannaya, Tikkana, HuLakki Bhaaskara etc., poets in Telugu language.

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