The Telugu Lullaby-1

The Moon...

chaMdamaama raave jaabilli raave
koMDekki raave goegupuulu teave
baMDekki raave baMtipuulu teave
pallakiilu teave paarijaataM teave…

చందమామ రావె జాబిల్లి రావె
కొండెక్కి రావె గోగుపూలు తేవె
బండెక్కి రావె బంతిపూలు తేవె
పల్లకీలు తేవె పారిజాతం తేవె…

It would not be an exaggeration when I say that no child born in a Telugu household would have grown up without listening to this lullaby sung by his mother at least once during his childhood days, keeping him or her on her shoulder and gently tapping on the back in order to make him or her go to sleep.

No one knows which gentle love-filled mind had authored this lullaby and how many centuries back it was authored. This lullaby would have been as ancient as childhood itself and there wouldn’t have been any child born in a Telugu speaking household who couldn’t have gently slipped into sleep after listening to this lullaby.

The meaning of this famous lullaby in Telugu, in translation would be this:

Come down moon, the gentle moon come down
Mounting the hill come, hemp flowers bring along
Ascending the cart come, marigolds bring along
Bring along palanquins and amaranths you bring…

In Telugu speaking household every child learns it first from his or her mother and when they grow up and become parents they in turn involuntarily sing this out to their children as a presentation of a precious ancient gift inherited by them without asking for and on its own as something that appears in the genetic code.

The simplest of words, the world of flowers it creates and the gentlest of rhythm these simple words generate while it is sung made this song live for generations together as the first of its kind in Telugu language and it wouldn’t be exaggeration either to say that first it will remain even in any number of generations to come.

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