Kavi Choudappa Satakam (rendered into English) -(13)

doravadda nevaDu chanavari
naru lataniki briyamu seaya nyaayamu dharaloe
harivaahanamani mrokkare
garuDunigani kuMdavarapu kavi chouDappaa!     (Poem 32)

దొరవద్ద నెవడు చనవరి
నరు లతనికి బ్రియము సేయ న్యాయము ధరలో
హరివాహనమని మ్రొక్కరె
గరుడునిగని కుందవరపు కవి చౌడప్పా!                          (పద్యం 32)

That one who moves very close with the master
Common it is for men serve him with favors many
For being the vehicle of Hari, doesn’t ‘Garuda’
Revered by all, Oh Kundavarapu Kavi Choudappaa!

Another fine poem from Choudappa Shatakam. No bad words nor slang words in this. Comparison is very apt!

There is nothing in this poem that appears like a ‘moral teaching or virtue telling’.  It says the ways of the world, the happening in day to day life…how people behave (the phenomenon called ‘లోక న్యాయం’, which means the ‘way of the world’) how people with all their selfish intentions (the word ‘selfish’ here may not be that bad…may at times be quite natural), with all their infirmities, their fears, their helpless situations etc etc will go about getting their intended things done.

For those who do not understand the words ‘హరి’ (Hari) and ‘గరుడుడు’, the ‘divine eagle’, here is a small explanation – ‘Hari’ is an epithet, another name  for  Lord Vishnu, one of the three principle dieties in Hindu mythology (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara)… the diety often regarded as the most reverable of the three principle dieties who takes care of the well being of the entire universe at all times and saves it from all difficult situations. ‘Garuda’, the ‘divine eagle’ serves him as his vehicle and carries him wherever he moves. This makes it pious and powerful and hence revered by one and all; though in normal life and natural practices one will not see the bird ‘eagle’ being revered at all!

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