‘Sumatii Satakam’ (rendered into English) (Stanzas 8, 9 & 11)

alluni maMchitanaMbunu
gollani saahityavidya koemali nijamun
bolluna daMchina biyyamu
dellani kaakulunu leavu teliyara sumatii!

అల్లుని మంచితనంబును
గొల్లని సాహిత్యవిద్య కోమలి నిజమున్
బొల్లున దంచిన బియ్యము
దెల్లని కాకులును లేవు తెలియర సుమతీ!      (పద్యం 8)

Fair-heartedness of a son-in-law; Literary acumen
Of a shephered; truth told by a woman; Pounded rice
Derived from husk; White crows;  are non-existing,
Let it be known by you, oh fair-minded brethern!


aakonna kuuDe yamRtamu
taakoMkaka nichchuvaaDe daata dharitrin
soe koerchuvaaDe manujuDu
teakuva galavaaDe vaMSa tilakuDu sumatii!

ఆకొన్న కూడె యమృతము
తాకొంకక నిచ్చువాడె దాత ధరిత్రిన్
సో కోర్చువాడె మనుజుడు
తేకువ గలవాడె వంశ తిలకుడు సుమతీ!         (పద్యం 9)

Food taken when greatly hungered tastes like nectar
A Person who gives without a thought is real giver
On this earth who bears hardship is real man, only the
Courageous heads the lineage, Oh fair-minded bretheren!


ichchunade vidya raNamuna
jochchunade magatanaMbu sukaviiSvarulan
mechchunade nearpu, vaadunaku
vachchunadea kiiDu summu vasudhanu sumatii!

ఇచ్చునదె విద్య రణమున
జొచ్చునదె మగతనంబు సుకవీశ్వరులన్
మెచ్చునదె నేర్పు, వాదునకు
వచ్చునదే కీడు సుమ్ము వసుధను సుమతీ!      (పద్యం 11)

That provides livelihood is real education, the bravery
That enters warfield is real manliness, recognising and
Praising good poets is real worthfullness, entering into
Argument is evil, in this world, Oh fair-minded bretheren!

5 thoughts on “‘Sumatii Satakam’ (rendered into English) (Stanzas 8, 9 & 11)

  1. Read an article on ‘Sumathi Satakam’ recently in Eemaata (from its random selections of old issues). Some castiest/racist and gender-biased poems are, nowadays, preferred for omission though they contain sharp wit and apt words.

    1. Yes, Sharma, it is better to avoid. Times changed and accordingly their relevance. So it is better to skip over and go the ones that are generally applicable to all.

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. To be more specific, those stereotypes w.r.t caste etc could never be relevant but people endued with such sweeping abuses in those primitive ages when the concept of democracy was unknown. In Srinadha’s (attributed to him, as I remember) ‘Kreedaabhiraamam’ too poems were made sexually describing the women-folk of all castes. Everybody agrees that there were/are beautiful women in every caste. The beauty has nothing to do with caste, though. Seen from such view point, the women’s emancipation is no mean achievement of democratic system (with all its inherent chaos). Literature, after all, reflects the society which is again the making of politico-economic system in a given time.

    1. @ In Srinadha’s (attributed to him, as I remember) ‘Kreedaabhiraamam’

      -‘ Kreedaabhiraamam’ is attributed to Mahakavi Srinadha…Late Sri Veturi Prabhakara Sastry vehemently argued in favour of this. But Late Sri Marepalli Ramachandra Sastry garu (who were fondly known in the literary circles as ‘Kavi Garu’) who ‘discovered’ the work which was lying tattered in Saraswati Mahal Library, Tanjore, and printed it using his own money and shown it to the Telugu Literary world considered it as the work of ‘Vinukonda Vallabharaya’s only. I too consider it as the work of ‘Vinukonda Vallabharaya’ and not ‘Srinadha’. Excluding certain stanzas from the lot, it is probably the one and only such work (in Telugu literature of old period) that dealt with real world men and women of 14th century, in its case the Telugu ‘Kakatiya’ world. I wish to write about all this (in my own way) elaborately later.

      @Literature, after all, reflects the society which is again the making of politico-economic system in a given time…

      Yes, indisputably correct.

      Thanks for the comment.

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