Some of the best poems from Nannaya’s ‘Mahabharatam’ (4)

bahu bhaashala bahu vidhamula
bahu janamula valana vinuchu bhaarata badhdha
spRhulagu vaariki neppuDu
bahu yaagaMbula phalaMba paramaardha milan.

బహు భాషల బహు విధముల
బహు జనముల వలన వినుచు భారత బధ్ధ
స్పృహులగు వారికి నెప్పుడు
బహు యాగంబుల ఫలంబ పరమార్ధ మిలన్.

Those who remain committed to the spirit
Of Mahabharat by listening to it from multiple persons
In multiple languages and in multiple ways
Would get revelation equivalent to multiple acts of penance!

This poem is the summarization of the good that results from accepting and following the virtues proved by the great ascetic Vyasa’s Mahabharat.

One must not forget the fact that Nannaya had no predecessor from whose method of telling a thing impressively he could improvise or blindly follow.  Each and every way of telling things in his Mahabharat, he did it for the first time, all on his own imagination.

In this poem, the method of repitition of the word ‘bahu’ (బహు) at different places in the poem succeded in conveying the desired result of multiple benefits, the emphasys being made repititively time and again at calculatedly measured places and intervals, yet within the available short space of 4 lines in the poem. This method, he only imagined and implemented.

That is the reason why he is regarded as the ‘aadi kavi’ (ఆది కవి), the first poet, in Telugu language.

3 thoughts on “Some of the best poems from Nannaya’s ‘Mahabharatam’ (4)

  1. This poem indicates that some poeple were there to listen the Mahabharatam from those who were there to narrate the great epic. Though population increased thousand-fold now, there are very few who are interested in listening the epic (in any language) and very very few are there to ably narrate. These narrators need not struggle like Nannaya who did not have any model before him. Reason may be media-cinema crowded with morons transmitting pulp. Those who have ability do not have means; those who have resources have other kind of ability. Maybe this is a curse to great literature. On Bhakti TV in telugu at 8pm daily Garikipati Narasimharao has been narrating Mahabharatam for half-an-hour. A very good presentation indeed. The number of episodes is running towards two thousand.
    This is just to share some stray thoughts!

    1. Yes Sharma, important thing in my opinion is there are no able narrators now….their number is diminishing year by year and presently there may be very few who can narrate it properly. The interesting phenomenon is, when there is an able narrator of the various interesting as well as important aspects of the epic, listenors will assemble around him. I feel it is the number of narrators that is to increase and even more good idea is a narrator specialising in a particular ‘parva’ of the epic…bringing out different aspects of that particular ‘parva’ with much dedication to the things that were actually told in the ‘Mahabharata’….more importantly as told by Nannaya, Tikkana and Errana…more importantly to non-Telugu speaking/knowing listenors who are, however, interested in it.

      Here, what I am doing is, I am trying to narrate the best part of it, as I understand it, to the best of my abilities and at my own pace.

      Thanks for the comment!

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