Some of the best poems from Nannaya’s ‘Mahabharatam’ (3)

jananuta kRshNadvaipaayana
munivRshabhaabhihita mahaabhaarata ba
dhdha niruupitaardha mearpaDa
denuguna rachiyiMpu madhika dhiiyukti meyin.

జననుత కృష్ణద్వైపాయన
మునివృషభాభిహిత మహాభారత బ
ధ్ధ నిరూపితార్ధ మేర్పడ
దెనుగున రచియింపు మధిక ధీయుక్తి మెయిన్.

Write in Telugu in a way that proves
The concealed meaning, Krishnadvaipaya, the Ascetic
Priased by all, intended to prove in
Mahabharata, with greatly enligtened mind and vigour!

This poem can be treated as the abridged preamble for the entire work of ‘Andhra Mahabharatam’.

In this small poem, Rajaraja Narendra makes his intentions very clear as to the method of the translation of the Sanskrit Mahabharat into Telugu.  He was very rightly more concerned with the intended meaning of the work, the central theme, the lessons  the situations in the epic tought and are capable of teaching for the mankind in future than the word to word translation of the great epic.

The combination of words ‘mahaabhaarata badhdha niruupita ardham’ (మహాభారత బధ్ధ నిరూపితార్ధము) is the most significant part of the poem which spells out clearly  the purpose of the entire endeavor  ie., the proven meaning contained in the epic Mahabharat is the essence that is to be translated than the mere meaning of Sanskrit words into Telugu language. And to achive this he even encourages Nannaya, in the last line with words that pump great enthusiasm (అధిక ధీయుక్తి మెయిన్) to be more enlightened and to more vigorously search and bring out the proven meaning into Telugu language for the benefit of all those who read it in Telugu.

3 thoughts on “Some of the best poems from Nannaya’s ‘Mahabharatam’ (3)

  1. Venkat, thus, Rajarajanarendra-the patron of Nannaya, has laid down the ‘Mission Statement’ for the Project of Mahabharata! ..dvnm

  2. Nannyya writing so beautiful and rhymatic, stylish telugu poems make me feel, such a selfless , brave personality landed in Rajamahendravaram, it was the greatness of Godavari bank and people lived in those days to hear were real punyatmas. But I believe overnight creation of such a wide spread language is impossible, hence the works before Nannayya may be available in the village house holds, who may be worshipping them as pavitra puranas. Why not make a drive to explore the possibility?

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