Poems from Potana’s ‘Andhra Maha Bhagavatam’ – (1)

nammiti naa manaMbuna sanaatanulaina yumaamaheaSulan
mimmu puraaNadaMpatula mealu bhajiMtugadamma meaTi pe
ddamma, dayaaMburaaSivigadamma hariMbatijeayu mamma nin
nammina vaarikennaDunu naaSamuleadu gadamma, yiiSvarii!

నమ్మితి నా మనంబున సనాతనులైన యుమామహేశులన్
మిమ్ము పురాణదంపతుల మేలు భజింతుగదమ్మ మేటి పె
ద్దమ్మ, దయాంబురాశివిగదమ్మ హరింబతిజేయు మమ్మ నిన్
నమ్మిన వారికెన్నడును నాశములేదు గదమ్మ, యీశ్వరీ! (In Telugu fonts)

Believed in my heart, You both, Uma and Maheshvara!the
Most ancient of adorable Pairs; I praise You, the eldest
Of Mothers, Ishvari; You are the ocean of kindness; make
Sri Hari my husband; they, who believe You, never lose!

This poem is, undoubtedly, one of the best of poems ever written in Telugu language. The greatness of this poem is in its lucidity; the simple words used and the intensity of devotion and feeling conveyed through those simple words.

This poem is from Andhra Maha Bhagavatam written by Potana Mahakavi. This great poet is particularly noted for his lucid way of telling things; using simplest of words possible, binding them in Telugu Prosidical metered poems. Many of his poems from Andhra Maha Bhagavatam were used to be told to pupils of tender age in primary schools and were used to be got by-hearted by them so that they could never forget the poem, the beauty of the composition and arrangement of words in the most beautiful way possible by the greatest of poets Telugu language has seen. This poem is even more dear to the hearts of girl students of those times (i.e., the period between 1950s and I think upto the 1980s; after that period, I think, things have changed and educating children in primary and secondary schools has taken a different route) since it is taken from the episode ‘Rukmini Kalyanam’ from one of the greatest of works of classical period, the Andhra Mahabhagavatam.

The feeling conveyed through the words used in this poem by the poet Potana is, as I understand it, a total devotion and surrender before the Almighty and pray for the thing that one wants the most desirable to happen to him or her, just leaving everything to the decision of the Almighty! Potana conveys this feeling, this total surrender with the greatest devotion, time and again in his work Andhra Mahabhagavatam.

In this poem, Rukmini too just surrenders before the beloved greatest of ancient pairs, whom she adores the most, the Uma and Maheshvara, and beseeches them with folded hands, with utmost devotion and faith to make her the beloved wife of the Lord Sri Krishna, whom she loves the most, in spite of the enmity that is already there between her father, brother and Lord Sri Krishna!

As a result and at the end, she is given what she desires the most; she becomes the most respected and loved wife of Lord Sri Krishna!

The poem is in ‘Utpalamala’ meter!

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