‘Sumatii Satakam’ (rendered into English)- (1)

‘Sumatii Satakam’ (rendered into English)- (1)

Sriiraamuni dayacheatanu
naaruuDhiga sakala janula nouraa yanagaa
dhaaraaLamaina niitulu
noeruuraga javulupuTTa nuDiveda sumatii!

శ్రీరాముని దయచేతను
నారూఢిగ సకల జనుల నౌరా యనగా
ధారాళమైన నీతులు
నోరూరగ జవులుపుట్ట నుడివెద సుమతీ!

by the grace of Lord Sri Rama and as all men
praise in wonderment, I recite these virtues
as they flow in abundance, in a way one likes
to hear and to read, Oh the fair-minded of men!

This is the first poem in ‘Sumatii Satakam’. This poem is a very popular one and in the bygone good-old days, this poem used to be one of the first few poems to be taught (and necessarily made ‘by-heart’) to a child during the very first days of his or her entering the school. And in most of the cases, mothers in Telugu household used to teach this poem to their children, while doing their household chores, and thus children used to have some knowledge of this poem even before they entered the school.

‘bhakti’ -a state of mind when nothing out-worldly is thought of and the entire inner sight of an individual is directed towards the Almighty in complete surrender and without expectations of any gain from Him in return – used to be the primary theme and thought of as the only strength (that can guide him and lead him till the end) by every good poet whenever he embarked on authoring a new poetic work. Baddena, who is popularly considered the author of ‘Sumatii Satakam’, too followed the same path and ascribed the entire credit to the grace showered on him by Lord Sri Rama for all the poems he told in ‘Sumatii Satakam’.

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