Kavi Choudappa Satakam (rendered into English) -(8)

Kavi Choudappa Satakam (rendered into English) -(8)

naa niiti vinani vaanini
bhaanuni kiraNamulu miida baarani vaanin
vaananu daDiyani vaanini
gaanamuraa kuMdavarapu kavi chouDapaa.

నా నీతి వినని వానిని
భానుని కిరణములు మీద బాఱని వానిన్
వానను దడియని వానిని
గానమురా కుందవరపు కవి చౌడపా.         (In Telugu font)

a person who has not heard of the virtuous
things I told, on whom rays of the Sun don’t
spread and shine, who does not get wet in rain,
none can see, Oh Kumdavarapu Kavi Choudappaa!

This poem is an example to exhibit the confidence Kavi Choudappa had got in himself and on the good things he told or preached through his poems in his Satakam.

He was very clear and decisive about the way he wanted to tell what he wanted to tell. He made it very sure that he always used simple words, never complicated the things in his poems so that the reader has to take help of a lexicon for understanding the contents of the poem. The examples he took for exhibiting his poetic wit are very straight forward and always glowed with simple reasoning. In this poem too, the usage of words was very simple, the examples are as common as the natural phenomenon. The wit is well evident in the way he proved his point that his poems would not fail to become popular and remain alive in years that followed.

And true to his imagination and assessment, his poems with the wit they contained in them remained popular and thought of by many as some of the best of entertaining nature in Telugu classical poetry.

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