Srinatha Mahakavi’s poetic wit (3)

Srinatha Mahakavi‘s poetic wit (3)

imDla modalanu niireMDa niiDikalanu
nanugudammuDu nannayu naaTalaaDu
nattayunu goeDalunu gummulaaDu gummu
gaaMchuchoeTiki makarasaMkraaMti veaLa.

ఇండ్ల మొదలను నీరెండ నీడికలను
ననుగుదమ్ముడు నన్నయు నాటలాడు
నత్తయును గోడలును గుమ్ములాడు గుమ్ము
గాంచుచోటికి మకరసంక్రాంతి వేళ.

In the front of the house and under the warm shades of
morning sunlight, the younger brother plays with his
elder brother, aunt and her daughter-in-law fight for place
at fire-place in the early hours of Makara Sankranti day.

In the list of festivals popularly celebrated in every Telugu speaking house-hold, ‘Makara Sankranti’ is the first one in the new year (English Calendar). This festival is celebrated for three days i.e., on January 13th, 14th and 15th every year.  These dates are fixed since they are based on the entering of Sun into the house of zodiacal sign ‘Makaram’ (Capricorn) which happens every year on January 14th.

Since it is January month, the days are very cold, the surroundings, more often than not, always found covered under the thick layer of fog during the early hours of the day. In the above poem, which is also taken from ‘Sivaratri Mahatmyam’ (Canto 4, poem 31), Srinatha Mahakavi describes a scene in a village house, a common scene, where children are seen playing in the warm sunshine in the open area in front of the houses and elders are seen trying to find a place at the fire-place for getting some warmth. In this poem, Srinatha Mahakavi took the example of an aunt (a mother-in-law) and her daughter-in-law fighting among themselves for their turn at the fire-place understandably for fun sake.

To the persons who have seen or have a little bit of knowledge of the village scene during these days, the scene described by Srinatha Mahakavi in the above poem, in all simplest of words in Telugu language, instantly appears before their eyes with all its innocent and natural glory and does not fail to bring smile onto their lips and warm up their heart too for a brief moment or two.

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