Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(13)

Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(13)

ii jagamaMdu daa manujuDeMta mahaatmakuDaina daivamaa
teajamu tappa juuchuneDa drimmari koelpaDu; neTlana nmahaa
raajakumaaruDaina raghuraamuDu gaalnaDagaayalaakulun
bhoejanamai taganvaniki boeyi chariMpaDe munnu, bhaaskaraa!

ఈ జగమందు దా మనుజుడెంత మహాత్మకుడైన దైవమా
తేజము తప్ప జూచునెడ ద్రిమ్మరి కోల్పడు; నెట్లన న్మహా
రాజకుమారుడైన రఘురాముడు గాల్నడగాయలాకులున్
భోజనమై తగన్వనికి బోయి చరింపడె మున్ను, భాస్కరా! (Poem-13) ( In Telugu font)

in this universe, however great soul a person might be, when God,
the Supreme, looks upon him in a way that takes out the splendor,
he loses way and becomes wayward; didn’t Raghurama, once in past,
son of a king, walk to forest, live on fruits, leaves, Oh Bhaskara!
Elders used to say, of all the ten avatars (divine forms) of Lord Vishnu, it was in ‘Ram avatar’  that Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Rama, led life like a normal human being, suffering all the hardships that came his way with utmost calmness of mind and composture.  It is because of this reason that Sri Rama earned great affection as well as devotion in the hearts of all. Sri Rama became so dear to one and all that he is revered as a role model for generations of men that followed.

The important aspect of Sri Rama’s life worth noting in relevance to the meaning of the above poem is that though being the son of a wealthy king, Dasaratha, and inspite of being the eldest of the four brothers on whom king Dasaratha wanted to bestow the responsibility of becoming the king after him, it was because of the wishes of the destiny and fate that he had to go away leaving the royal life in palaces and all the pleasures associated with it and spend a long period of 14 year in distant forests, walking from place to place and by eating fruits or whatever things that were available in the forests.

This makes us to conclude that however pious-hearted and powerful one may be, it is the destiny or the wish of the God that marks the way for the individual to tread and he or she has no other choice than to obey it and follow it.


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