Photo – Poem (1)


being in and on this side is always cool.

the iron railing standing strong in between
the inside and outside the past and future always protects.

lonliness descends whenever a poem is pitiably sought
words play the game of chess
one word moving from here to there
and the other cautiously stepping out to another square
taking care not to get killed and thrown mercelessly
out of the board.

to be able to think naturally
one needs to be atleast a minimal part part of nature
even if the hand may not be able to touch the leaf
the single minded look from the eyes
should be able to spread on the green
like the sunshine on a wettened morning.

when words fail to reveal the imagination
it is to be taken for granted that the sorrow inside
is yet to discover the right end to reach

whether it be the feet of the past inside
or the heart of the future outside.

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