Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(11)

Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(11)

aaraya neMtanearupariyai chariyiMchina vaani daapunan
gourava moppaguurchu nupakaari manushyuDu leaka mealu chea
kuura dadeTlu; hattugaDaguuDune; chuuDa badaaruvanne baM
gaaramuloena naina veligaaramu kuuDaka yunna, bhaaskaraa!

ఆరయ నెంతనేరుపరియై చరియించిన వాని దాపునన్
గౌరవ మొప్పగూర్చు నుపకారి మనుష్యుడు లేక మేలు చే
కూర దదెట్లు; హత్తుగడగూడునె; చూడ బదాఱువన్నె బం
గారములోన నైన వెలిగారము కూడక యున్న, భాస్కరా!       (Poem-11) (In Telugu font)

Understandably, however proficient a person may be and move about,
without an accomplice for getting things done always by his side,
honor doesn’t come; is it not true; without white salt present with
it, even pure gold will not glitter to its full in ornaments, Oh Bhaskara!

It is a common observation or experience that for any person, however able-handed he may be at doing things, it is often necessary that a helping good hand should be there by his side to get things done for him proficiently and honorably. This in turn results in that person shine among his near and dear like an able administrator of things and a respectable one.

This common observation or experience if told straight, without an analogy, would not impress any one.  To make it hearty, the analogy taken by the poet in this poem for making the point clear is the inability of the metal gold, which by itself has the capacity to glitter, to glitter as it should and as people see it glitter in their daily observations without the presence of the white salt called Borax, which is administered by the goldsmith during the process of making the ornaments in the right measure. It is a common fact that without the presence of this salt in appropriate measure the ornaments, even when made out of gold, will not glitter as they appear.

The fact, therefore, is any person, though qualified he may be to accomplish things, it would be necessary for him to have a good and understanding accomplice always by his side and when coupled with this advantage he will shine in society like gold that glitters when coupled with the white-salt.

The analogy in this poem stresses the need for children to develop friendship with persons having good character who act like catalysts in bringing out the brighter side of one’s own character.

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