Lepakshi (A photo-poem)

Lepakshi – (A photo-poem)

It is very difficult not to see people moving in here
It is even more difficult not to hear people talking from here
How can you say silence engulfed this place? no..no..no.. it can not be.

Silence is not just a non-hearing of anything from around
Silence is not just the opposite of noice..cacophony of voices
How do you say silence is just an empty space? no..no..no.. it can not be.

A song need not always be written and sung
It can also be somethig unwritten and unsung
Why do you say a melody is always audible? no..no..no.. it need not be.

This love with her is continuing since long long ago
Where is the guarantee that one forgets everything in one life and go
The notion appears to me too irrational;
You know, I have started this journey many centuries ago!


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