Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(7)

Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(7)

anaghunikaina cheakuru nanarhuniguuDi chariMchunaMtaloe
mana meriyaMga nappu Davamaanamu kiiDu dharitriyaMdu nea
yanuvunanaina dappavu yadaarthamu; taanadi yeTTulannachoe
ninimunu guurchi yagni nalayiMpade sammeTa peTTu, bhaaskaraa!

అనఘునికైన చేకుఱు ననర్హునిగూడి చరించునంతలో
మన మెరియంగ నప్పు డవమానము కీడు ధరిత్రియందు నే
యనువుననైన దప్పవు యదార్థము; తానది యెట్టులన్నచో
నినిమును గూర్చి యగ్ని నలయింపదె సమ్మెట పెట్టు, భాస్కరా!      (In Telugu font)

Best of men might need to bear the worst of all insults
For their closeness to persons of unbecoming character;
It is true and never fails on this earth; doesn’t the fire
Bear hits of the hammer when associated with iron, Oh Bhaskara!

The eventuality of a good person getting spoiled and at times even thrashed as a result of his wrong association, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and friendship with a spoiled person has been given poetic expression in this poem very impressively and effectively.

These are all very finely knit poems, the observations and examples are very real, down to earth and instantly catch the imagination of a person, even a child of seven or eight years age to whom these poems are supposed to be taught to drive home the importance of maintaining friendship with well behaved and good persons always. The picture is immediately and effortlessly visualized and the result, the consequences are clearly understood.

The comparison between a good person and a bad person was made with examples of ‘agni‘ (the utterance of the word ‘agni‘ instantly takes the imagination towards the fire-God ‘agni‘ and a piousness is attached to it) and the word iron, an earthly metal, which is naturally very hard and ill foreboding. It is a common and known fact that to bring iron into any desired shape, it is necessarily burnt till it becomes red.  At this stage, it appears that ‘agni‘ – the fire- has actually become an integral part of the iron and the hits of the hammer, without any recourse, have to be taken by both!

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