Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(6)

Bhaskara Satakam (rendered into English) -(6)

adanu dalaMchi kuurchi praja naadara moppa vibhuMDu koerinan
kadisi padaartha mittu raTu kaanaga veagame koTTi teMDanan
modaTiki moesamou; podugu muulamu koesina paalukalgunea
pidikinagaaka bhuumi paSubRMdamu nevvarikaina bhaaskaraa!

అదను దలంచి కూర్చి ప్రజ నాదర మొప్ప విభుండు కోరినన్
కదిసి పదార్థ మిత్తు రటు కానగ వేగమె కొట్టి తెండనన్
మొదటికి మోసమౌ; పొదుగు మూలము కోసిన పాలుకల్గునే
పిదికినగాక భూమి పశుబృందము నెవ్వరికైన భాస్కరా!      (In Telugu font)

People part away with some of their produce for their king
when asked assessing fully well the benign moment; unmindful
try for forceful snatch results in utter reversal; would cutting
cow’s udder give milk, if not by smoothly squeezing it, Oh Bhaskara!

When these poems were told, those were still the days of kings and their kingdoms. Kings used to collect a part of the produce as tax from the people who cultivated the land, since land used to be the property of the king.  There were any number of stories of kings who tried to forcibly collect tax even when there was not sufficient crop due to insufficient rains etc.  These unmindful acts of the kings and their local collectors of tax earned them the wrath, though not publicly expressed for fear of admonition and punishment by the king, and cursings of common man.

This used to be more or less a common feature during the days of kingdoms. Only a few kings were caring and mindful of the hardships faced by the common man, the cultivator of land, and when need arose they realxed the payment of tax, which measure earned them the all needed reverence in the minds of the common man.

These common experiences, observations were effectively put into the poem. Common man, the tax payer, the primary giver, was aptly compared with the cow. The common man was and is always as innocent as a cow and to draw milk from it, it is not necessary to use force; it is only by an affectionate squeezing, milk is drawn from its udder.

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