Bhaskara Satakam – (5)

Bhaskara Satakam – (5)

ati guNahiina loebhiki padaardhamu kalgina leaka yuMDinan
mitamuga gaani kalmigala miidaTa naina bhujiMpa DiMpugaa
satamani nammu deahamunu saMpada; earulu niMDi paarinan
gatukagajuuchu kukka tana kaTTaDa miiraka yeMdu bhaaskaraa!

అతి గుణహీన లోభికి పదార్ధము కల్గిన లేక యుండినన్
మితముగ గాని కల్మిగల మీదట నైన భుజింప డింపుగా
సతమని నమ్ము దేహమును సంపద; ఏఱులు నిండి పాఱినన్
గతుకగజూచు కుక్క తన కట్టడ మీఱక యెందు భాస్కరా!     (in Telugu font)

He, being an unwise miser to the core, will not eat to the full
Doesn’t matter whether he has food or not to the bountiful
Thinks himself his wealth will have no end; rivers may overflow
But a dog would only be able to lap, as destined, Oh, Bhaskara!

It is the natural limitation of a dog that it would only be able to drink water by lapping i.e., by licking with its tongue even though there is a river-full of water in front of it.  The covetousness or miserliness of a greedy person, who loves accumulating wealth just for its own sake, has been compared to this natural limitation of the dog, suggesting that it is not in any way different, though not similar in all respects and hence could be considered as good as a natural phenomenon for an unthinking miserly man not to eat to his full, even though he has any amount of wealth/food at this disposal!

The meaning of this poem can further be summarized as – ‘a miser would never let himself satisfied, however much wealth he might earn/accumulate, he feels always deficient’. Comparison has been made between the miser and the dog, thereby suggesting detestation.

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