Photography : My photographs 2012 – (1)

This image, for me, is a celebration of the beauty of unflinching dedication to the duty assigned, the unquestioning inclination to do hard-work untiringly to achieve the goal, the beauty of the virtue of selfless service in total submission to the master, either man or God; appearing at the outset very simple and yet within itself  so profound that it is unthinkable to achieve the same kind of unquestioning dedication and willingness in the behavior of human beings, at least in the present day circumstances! (The philosophy behind this kind of mind-set may, perhaps, be questioned today, with these simple questions… ‘why at all it should be so blind a faith?’ and ‘where is the guarantee that the master is always right?’)

‘Do your duty first and leave the rest to God!’ is the most favored dictum of this land since time immemorial. In the above photograph, I see this dictum executed to perfection by the bee. The activity in the above image, i.e., the bee delicately perched upon the flower from which it has to collect the honey (that is the duty assigned to it by nature) unmindful of the happenings in the surroundings shows the clarity, simplicity and dedication in which the deed is being done by this little creature. May be, that is the only thing it knows! Dedication brings beauty to the deed that is done, whether it is humans or insects, it may not matter much!

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