Lepakshi – My travel notes and photographs (6)

Once inside the main Temple, the visitor finds himself in the ‘mukha-mandapa’ which is also called ‘Natya-mandapa’.  It doesn’t take much time to the visitor to realise that the ‘Natya-mandapa’ in itslef is a small world of visual splendor, a small world in which one can find the exquisitely sculpted images of the divine personalities of Hindu mythology.  The images are sculpted on the twelve pillars of the Natyamandapa.  The fascinating image of ‘Bhringiisvara’ in dancing position, with a third leg, indicating motion while in dance, is a beauty and a real treat to the beholder’s eyes.

lepakshi -image 6

Likewise, the sculpted image of Lord Shiva in the form of ‘bikshaatana muurti’ with the bowel in his left hand, seeking alms, is another fascinating image in the Natya-mandapa.

lepakshi-image 7

The  images of the Sun-god, the Moon, Parvati, Rambha, Padmini, Tumburu and Brahma are some of the other fascinating images sculpted on the pillars of Natya-mandapa.

lepakshi-image 8
lepakshi-image 9
lepakshi-image 10
lepakshi-image 11
lepakshi-image 12
lepakshi -image 13

2 thoughts on “Lepakshi – My travel notes and photographs (6)

  1. Respected B.V.Rao sir

    Namaste. Sir i am dokka srinivasu from Kakinada.

    Sir i am creating one blog for Indian Heritage and culture. sir in this blog i am sharing my collections relating to Indian Heritage and culture and also using other people collection with their permission.

    Sir this is one post which i shared about Lepakshi in my Heritage of India blog with the images of Lepakshi Portfolio of A.P.Archaeology Dept. which is in my collection.


    B.V.Rao sir similar like this in my collection i have 40 different portfolios of various themes relating to Indian heritage and culture. sir most of the portfolios are relating to paintings from several parts of india.

    Sir i want to use your Lepakshi images in my Heritage of India blog. Sir i am using them only after your approval and permission.

    Sir apart from sharing my collections in my Heritage of India blog i am also sharing my knowledge with school and school and college students by giving seminars to them. Sir so far i gave 2 seminars to students and these are my seminars links.



    B.V.Rao sir please look into my seminars messages and share your valuable comments.

    B.V.Rao sir i am waiting for your reply.

    1. Srinivas garu,

      Gone through the material on Seminar posts you have mentioned above. Good work! keep going!

      Yes Sir, you can use this material on “Lepakshi” Temple appearing in my Blog!

      B.V. Rao.

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