Travel – my notings and photographs: Lepakshi (1)

A dusty and bumpy 15 km long road from Hindupur (in Anantapur Dist of Andhra Pradesh, India) will take the visitor to ‘Lepakshi’, otherwise a small and sleepy town. Private and state-run buses ply every half an hour from Hindupur to Lepakshi. It does not take more than half an hour ride from Hindupur. In all probability, the visitor would be still immersed in the thoughts of his expectations of what he would be going to see in comparison to what he had already heard about Lepakshi, when a call from the conductor of the bus would bring him back into the present and make him exclaim to himself ‘oh…already arrived!’

The place where the bus brought itself to a halt would be abuzz with activity with people thronging around the small establishments that sell eatables, cool drinks etc. After a casual and enquiring look around, the visitor’s search for the way to Lepakshi will not take too long, since an archway quite opposite to the place where he just alighted will make him easily understand and say to himself ‘yes, this might be the way!’. Still, an enquiry will, however, be made with a passer by or in a nearby establishment and it will be confirmed.

Not far away from the main road, a flight of steps would lead the visitor to the main entrance. The visitor can have a wash of his/her hands and feet at the taps provided under the tree there and leave his foot wear at the entrance in the care of a person who does it for a rupee or two which the visitor gives while he leaves the place. After doing these small chores and once in, the small world inside looks entirely different all of a sudden and invites the visitor with a silence that has been reigning there for so long.

lepakshi -1

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