Bhaskara Satakam – 4

“aDiginayaTTi  yaachakula  yaaSa  leruMgaka  loebhavartiyai
kaDapina  dharmadeavata  yoekaanoka  yappuDu  niidu  vaani  ke
yyeDala; nadeTlu paalu  tama  kichchune  yechchaTanaina  leagalan
guDuvaga  niinichoe  gerali goevulu  tannunugaaka,  bhaaskaraa!” 

“అడిగినయట్టి యాచకుల యాశ లెఱుంగక లోభవర్తియై
కడపిన ధర్మదేవత యోకానొక యప్పుడు నీదు వాని కె
య్యెడల; నదెట్లు పాలు తమ కిచ్చునె యెచ్చటనైన లేగలన్
గుడువగ నీనిచో గెరలి గోవులు తన్నునుగాక, భాస్కరా!”     (In Telugu font)

“Being conduced, if you send away the seekers unmindful of their
Expectations, the Goddess of virtue will not shower riches further;
Don’t you know, when its calf is not allowed to taste the milk first
The cow will not allow milking and throws you out, oh Bhaaskara!”

It is a known fact that before taking up the task of milking the cow, its calf is to be allowed to have its mother’s milk for a minute or two.  In case this is not done, the cow will not allow her to be milked and even throws away the person who sits to milk her. This natural phenomenon has been effectively used in this poem to teach the desirability of developing the virtue of sharing one’s wealth at least to some extent with the haves-not who come and beseech with expectations that a day or two’s meal will result from such an endeavor.   

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