Bhaskara Satakam – 3

“akkarapaaTu   vachchu   samayaMbuna   juTTamu   lokka   rokkari
nmakkuva   nudhdhariMchuTalu   maitriki   juuDaga   yuktamea   sumee
yokkaTa;   niiTiloe   meraka   noeDala   baMDlanu   baMDlanoeDalun
dakkaka   vachchuchuMDuTa   nidaanamu   gaade   talaMpa   bhaaskaraa!”

“అక్కరపాటు వచ్చు సమయంబున జుట్టము లొక్క రొక్కరి
న్మక్కువ నుధ్ధరించుటలు మైత్రికి జూడగ యుక్తమే సుమీ
యొక్కట; నీటిలో మెరక నోడల బండ్లను బండ్లనోడలున్
దక్కక వచ్చుచుండుట నిదానము గాదె తలంప భాస్కరా!”   (In Telugu font)

“It is good for relation of the people who are closely related
To reach out and help each other in times of great distress;
Is it not a common sight that when need arises a boat travels
On land on a cart and a cart on the water in a boat, Bhaskara!”

“oeDalu  baMDlavutaayi, baMDlu  oeDalavutaayi”    “ఓడలు బండ్లవుతాయి, బండ్లు ఓడలవుతాయి” is the proverb in Telugu language. This literally means ‘a boat may become a cart; a cart may become a boat’. However, the proverbial meaning of these words is, when fortunes do not favor a wealthy man may become a pauper and similarly when fortunes favor a pauper may become wealthy.  It is, therefore, suggested that one should not go by what one has in the present moment  and keep oneself under control and treat people with due respect.  This proverb has been effectively used in the above poem and it is suggested that people should help each other in dire circumstances irrespective of their present status since no one knows by tomorrow fortunes may change and situations may reverse.

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