Nannaya, the poets’ poet in Telugu (4)

The poem that followed the poem cited earlier,  i.e., the 173rd poem in aadi parva, 2nd aaSvaasa of Andhra Mahabharatamu, also belonged to the category of poems called ‘muktakamulu’ and the poem, followed by its English meaning, is given below:

“kshamaleani  tapasi  tapamunu
bramattu  saMpadayu  dharmabaahyu  prabhu  raa
jyamu  bhinna  kuMbhamuna  toe
yamu  laTTula   yadRvaMbulagu  nivi  yellan.”

“క్షమలేని తపసి తపమును
బ్రమత్తు సంపదయు ధర్మబాహ్యు ప్రభు రా
జ్యము భిన్న కుంభమున తో
యము లట్టుల  యధృవంబులగు నివి యెల్లన్”   (In Telugu font)



“Meditative austerity bereft of patience,
Intoxication, wealth, unrighteous king’s
Kingdom – all these are uncertainties
Like water held in a mud pot with cracks.”


The advent of these interspersed independent poems called ‘muktakamulu’ by Nannaya Bhattaaraka had during the later years made it possible for different poets to compile ‘Satakamulu’ in Telugu classical literature.  A ‘Satakamu’ literally mean a collection of 100 poems.  However, its additional characteristic is that the theme of all the 100 poems in a particular ‘Satakamu’ would be the same, for eg., if it is devotion towards Lord Sri Rama, all the 100 poems in that particular compilation (for eg., daaSarathii Satakamu) would run on the same theme.

These ‘muktakamulu’ had even paved way for the birth of ‘chaaTu’ type of poetry, an offshoot of Telugu classical (metered) poetry, which is considered a variant of ‘aaSu’ lyrical poetry, a way of telling classical (metered) poetry extempore, on the spot and as the moment demanded.


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