Nannaya, the poets’ poet in Telugu (3)

The method adopted  by Nannaya Bhattaraka in ‘writing’ the first ever poetic work in Telugu language had set an example, which had been taken as the authenticated and approved  method for ‘writing’ poetic works, for the generations of poets that followed him. Many a poet had the two aspects (viz., using words in such a way that the placement of words itself should give the work an inexplicable charm and the other one, interspersing the work with verses that preach righteousness, morality and good conduct) taken care of well in their works.  The verses that were used to intersperse the main work were called ‘muktakamulu’ viz., independent poems, the presence of which in the work would disturb neither the main story line nor the flow.  One such poem, which was composed in ‘kaMda’ meter, which can be found at aadi parva., 2nd aaSvaasa 172nd poem of Andhra Mahabhaaratamu, is given below:

“kroedhama  tapamuM  jerachunu
kroedhama  yaNimaadulaina  guNamula  baapun
krodhama  dharmakriyalaku
baadhayaguM  groedhigaa  dapasviki  jannea!”

“క్రోధమ తపముం జెరచును
క్రోధమ యణిమాదులైన గుణముల బాపున్
క్రొధమ ధర్మక్రియలకు
బాధయగుం గ్రోధిగా దపస్వికి జన్నే!” (In Telugu font)

“Anger spoils meditation
Anger makes one lose the saintly qualities till then attained
Anger hinders performance of virtuous deeds
Does it, so, suit an austere to be volatile and angry?”

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