Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(14)

That was a winter night.  He was a stranger to the village.  He was in the midst of a journey and he happened to be in that village that night.  He needed shelter to sleep. He could have requested some one in the village but for some inexplicable reason he did not think it wise to disturb any one during night.  Instead, he decided to fend for himself and slept in the open covering himself with rice straw he could somehow find. The arrangement worked but the sharpness of the straw scraped all over his uncovered skin and did hurt him. The following morning he had to do some healing which he did by dabbing on the areas of the skin that was hurt with his wet hands.

A villager named ‘pasaNNassa’ who had a good poetic sense witnessed this scene and the result was this ‘gaatha’:

“khara sippara ulli  hi aa i  kuNa i  pahi oe  himaagama  pahaaea,
aachamaNa  jaloelli  hi a  hatthaphaMsa  masiNaa i  aMgaa i.” (4-30)

“ఖర సిప్పర ఉల్లి హిఆఇ కుణఇ పహిఓ హిమాగమ పహాఏ,
ఆచమణ జలోల్లి హిఅ హత్థఫంస మసిణాఇ అంగాఇ.”     (4-30)  

“All through the cool winter night
Under the cover of straw the stranger slept,
In the morning next he performed the healing act
By dabbing on the paining parts with his hands still wet.”

5 thoughts on “Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(14)

      1. hi sir, are you have pitambara commentary on gathasapthasati. my name is T SATHEESH . student in central university hyderabad.dept. of telugu.

  1. Thanks for providing English translations of the Prakrit Gaatha. I am interested in the translation of this particular verse: 5th centum, 3rd verse: the word ‘gaṇādhipati’ occurs there. What is the meaning of this word, according to the Telugu translation? Pl. provide details of other ‘ganesha’ words if any in that Gaathaa sapta sati. Thanks.

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