Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(13)

A forced separation from a person whom one has loved so much, gives a lot of pain, a kind of pain, which is too personal that it is very hard to explain to anyone except to a person with whom one has greatly confided. This kind of situation viz., a woman who was subjected to forced separation from the person whom she loved so much on one reason or other had been a topic of poetic expression time and again in ‘gaatha saptaSati’.

The ‘gaatha’ that follows is one of such ‘gaatha’s in which a close confident of a woman is explaining to the male the condition of his lover during the days of his absence from her.

geahaM va  vittarahi aM  NijJara  kuharaM va salilasuNNavi aM,
doeahaNa  rahi aM  goeTaM va  tiia va a NaM  tuha  viyoegea.  (7-9)

గేహం వ విత్తరహిఅం ణిజ్ఝర కుహరం వ సలిలసుణ్ణవిఅం,
దోఅహణ రహిఅం గోటం వ తీఅ వఅణం తుహ వియోగే.  (7-9)

As a house without the trace of wealth looked
As the dried out stream in its parched markings looked
As a cowshed without the abundance of cows looked
Looked the countenance of your lover, dear one, in you absence.

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