Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(12)

Some ‘gaatha’ in ‘gaathaa saptaSati’ appear very simple. However, once you start to ponder about the meaning of the ‘gaatha’, you realize that they are so profound and that they convey a lot of meaning concerning life in general, human values etc. The ‘gaatha’ that follows is one such ‘gaatha’.  It appears so simple and puts forth one simple question, which is not that easy to answer.

“jiivi aM asaasa aM vi a Na Nivatta i joevvaNaM atikkaMtam
di ahaa di aheahi samaa NahoeMti kiM NiTTuroe loe o?”           (3-47)

“జీవిఅం అసాసఅం విఅ ణ ణివత్త ఇ జోవ్వణం అతిక్కంతమ్
దిఅహా దిఅహేహి సమా ణహోంతి కిం ణిట్టురో లోఒ?” (3-47)

“Life is not permanent, youth once gone is gone for keeps;
The day that follows can never be as the one that gone by;
Why then people fuss about it so much?”

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