Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(11)

In the village, the plough and the field wait for the yearly monsoon showers. At the sight of the monsoon clouds on the horizon, men and women of the village start making the preparations for entering into a new harvesting season.  As the first showers touch the barren field, the soil start to lose all its summer grip and waits for the plough. It is a renovation of sorts and reinventing of basic emotions.

Village ‘brahmin’ decides the auspicious day. The plough and the oxen are decorated and adored at home by the entire family of the farmer before taken to the field.  One such instance of ‘gaatha saptaSati’ days was recorded in this ‘gaatha’ by a local poet named ‘kahilassa’:

phalahii vaahaNa  puNNaaha  maMgalaM  laMgalea  kuNamtee ea,

asatii a maNoeraha  gabbhiNii a  haththaa  dharadharaMti.         (2-65)

ఫలహీ వాహణ పుణ్ణాహ మంగలం లంగలే కుణంతీ ఏ,
అసతీ అ మణోరహ గబ్భిణీ అ హథ్థా ధరధరంతి.         (2-65) 

On an auspicious day,
Anointing and adoring the plough for the cotton field,
Hands of the farmer’s woman experienced a secret shiver;
Stung in her heart by all nocturnal desires.

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