Lexicography, the Indian Method (2)

From the beginning, the Indian intellect has given much importance to and has been wholly dependant on the innate energies and capabilities of the human mind to hold information once put into it for a lifetime.  This ability is known as ‘dhaaraNa’ literally meaning ‘to wear’ or ‘to hold’.  Once developed under the guidance of a ‘guru’ and with the help of lots of practice and patience, this extraordinary power of mind will enable an individual to hold loads of information in his memory, quite similar to today’s computer and  bring back to memory whenever required during his lifetime. This power of the human mind mastered by the Indian intellect had enabled to preserve the four ‘veadaa’ in their original form for thousands of years and chant or recite them in the same manner as the creators of the hymns originally chanted them thousands of years ago.  In fact, it is very hard and almost impossible to present in print all the phonetic and lyrical aspects of the hymns of the four ‘veadaa’. Similarly, without proper guidance of an experienced ‘guru’ it is even more difficult for a learner to master the chanting of the hymns since the position or placement of the stress or accent one has to apply at certain places in a word while chanting often decides the meaning of the hymn. A misplaced stress at times dangerously changes the meaning of the hymn. 

The greatness of Indian intellect is that the stress-positions have been very effectively memorized and passed on from one generation to another unaltered.  This has become possible only due to the inexplicable capacity of the human mind, which we call it as ‘dhaaraNa’, consciously and carefully developed and nurtured by the Indian intellects. During the process, they might have discovered that information gathered in poetic formations of different metrical compositions could easily be memorized than prosaic sentences containing the same information.  This revelation gave rise to the birth of texts of knowledge mainly in Sanskrit language, containing knowledge in the form of ‘Sloakaa’ of different metrical compositions, which can be learnt by heart within a reasonably shorter period and memorized for a lifetime. 


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