Gems of Telugu poetry –‘Satakamu’ (4)

Disposition is a genetic thing. Habits connected with the natural disposition would not die that easily.  Some persons appear more deserving to do certain things.  It is a natural phenomenon that certain individuals are very often found predisposed to perform certain deeds with a naturally gifted élan, which a person of different disposition, even when placed under the most amicable circumstances, would find himself wanting in all respects and he makes a fuss of the whole affair.

This common fact that comes into understanding during day-to-day life experiences has been told in this poem of ‘sumatii Satakamu’, which is a very popular one and the first one to be recited to point out instances of undeserving authority:

“kanakapu   siMhaasanamuna
Sunakamu   kuurchuMDabeTTi   SubhalagnamunaM
donaraga   baTTamu gaTTina
venakaTi  guNamealamaanu  vinaraa  sumatii!”

“కనకపు సింహాసనమున
శునకము కూర్చుండబెట్టి శుభలగ్నమునం
దొనరగ బట్టము గట్టిన
వెనకటి గుణమేలమాను వినరా సుమతీ!”    

Even when it is customarily crowned
Under the finest of auspicious moments and made to be
Seated on a golden thrown, how does
A dog lose its own disposition, oh fair-minded of brethren!

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