Gems of Telugu poetry –‘Satakamu’ (3)

‘Who is a prudent person?’ This question may appear very simple.  However, once you try to answer this question, you may feel that you do not find words suitable to express the answer that forms in your mind.

This question was answered by the poet who authored ‘sumatii Satakamu’ in the simplest way possible. Words used in this poem are the simplest amongst the Telugu words.  One reading of the poem is enough; the meaning of the poem goes straight into the mind.  No further explanations are required.   This poem is a well-known poem from ‘sumatii Satakamu’:

“eppaTi   keyyedi   prastuta
mappaTikaa  maaTalaaDi  yanyula  manamul
noppiMchaka  taanovvaka
tappiMchuka  tiruguvaaDu  dhanyuDu  sumatii!”

“ఎప్పటి కెయ్యెది ప్రస్తుత
మప్పటికా మాటలాడి యన్యుల మనముల్
నొప్పించక తానొవ్వక
తప్పించుక తిరుగువాడు ధన్యుడు సుమతీ!”

He is the one blessed who always leaves
The scene managing the talk well to suit the situation,
Carefully weighing the words, not to hurt
Anyone nor be hurt by anyone, oh fair-minded of brethren!

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