Gems of Telugu poetry –‘Satakamu’ (2)

The first ‘Satakamu’ that appeared in Telugu poetic world is ‘sumatii Satakamu’. It is popularly believed that ‘sumatii Satakamu’ was written by a poet named ‘baddena’ who lived around the year 1260 AD.  Some, however, believe that a poet named ‘bhiimana’, who lived around 11 C (AD) wrote it. Whoever might have written this ‘sumatii Satakamu’, it may be confidently said that it is a very popular ‘satakamu’ and poems from this are well known.

All the poems in this ‘sumati Satakamu’ were written in ‘kaMda’ meter. A poem from this ‘Satakamu’ reads as under:

“aDigina  jiitaMbiyyani
miDimealapu  doranu  golchi  miDukuTa  kaMTen
vaDi gala  yeddula  gaTTuka
maDi  dunnuka  bratuka  vachchu  mahiloe  sumatii!”

“అడిగిన జీతంబియ్యని
మిడిమేలపు దొరను గొల్చి మిడుకుట కంటెన్
వడి గల యెద్దుల గట్టుక
మడి దున్నుక బ్రతుక వచ్చు మహిలో సుమతీ!” 

Instead of  serving a hot headed master
Who doesn’t give wages when asked and grieving time and again,
Better it is to find two well-bodied oxen
And live by farming a piece of land, oh fair minded of brethren!


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