Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(9)

Two women (of gatha saptaSati days) were talking to each other.  One woman was telling to the other how difficult it was to find a person of one’s liking and how even more difficult it was to get loved by that person in return.  The important part of the discussion was to come latter i.e., the closing remarks of the gaatha in which the woman with a hint of melancholy and self-pity was saying that even after undergoing that much hard struggle if the person did not behave to one’s wishes, it was as good as you had not found him at all.

The pathos was well depicted in this gaatha:

duhkheahi laMbha i pioe laddoe dukkheahi hoe i saahiiNoe,
laddhoe hi aladdhoe vvi a ja i jaha hi a aM taha Na hoe i. (4-5)

దుఃఖేహి లంభ ఇ పిఓ లద్దో దుక్ఖేహి హో ఇ సాహీణో,
లద్ధో హి అలద్ధో వ్వి అ జఇ జహ హిఅఅం తహ ణ హోఇ. (4-5) 

We struggle so hard and find a person to our liking
We struggle even more hard and make him love us
After all this turmoil, if he doesn’t act to our wishes
It is as good as we have never found him at all!

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