Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(8/3)

geahaM va vittarahi aM NijJarakuharaM va salilasuNNavi aM,
doehaNa rahi aM goeTaM va tii a va a NaM tuha viyoegea (7-9)

గేహం వ విత్తరహిఅం ణిజ్ఝరకుహరం వ సలిలసుణ్ణవిఅం,

దోహణ రహిఅం గోటం వ తీఅ వఅణం తుహ వియోగే  (7-9)

As a house without the trace of wealth looked
As the dried out stream in its parched markings looked
As a cowshed without the abundance of cows looked
Looked the countenance of your lover, oh dear, in your absence!


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