Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(8/2)

tuha virahujjaagura  oe  siniNeaviNadea  i  daMsaNasuhaaiM
vaaheaNa  jhaaloe  aNa  viNoe aNaM sea  ha  aM  taMpi.    (5-87)

తుహ విరహుజ్జాగురు  ఓ  సినిణేవిణదేఇ  దంసణసుహాఇం
వాహేణ జహాలో  అణ  విణోఅణం  సే   హఅం  తంపి.   (5-87)

Reminiscing your absence makes her remain long awake
The occurrence of a glimpse of you even in a dream doesn’t take place;
Alas!  when you really appear before her all at once
The tears that fill her eyes make a blur of your real appearance!

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