Gems of ‘Gaatha saptaSati’…(8/1)

The eventuality of the male member of the house leaving the family behind and going away for much longer durations to earn money was a necessity which was as old as the ‘gaadhaa saptaSati’ times, to assume the least.  Once the person left the house communication was altogether cut off and seldom anything was known about the person until he returned back to home safely.  There was no escaping this eventuality since people embarked on such journeys only when they found that nothing more could be done by them at the place of their living and the male member of the family/house had to take the risk and leave, earn money and come back home.

Needless to say, women of the house used to be the first sufferers.  By women, we mean, the wife of the person who embarked on the journey. She might have been amongst the other members of the family but she was alone still. This loneness of the woman had become the most painful and pious subject for poetry. Poets have glorified the pain that resulted from the loneliness of the women in many a way.

The three gaathas that follow portrayed the unbearable pain and the silent suffering of the woman due to forced separation from the husband, in a very touching manner:

pi a saMbharaNa  paloeTTaMta  vaahadhaaraa  nivaa a bhiiaaea
dijja  i  vaMkaggiivaaea  diivaoe  pahi a jaa aa ea. (3-22)

పిఅ సంభరణ పలోట్టంత వాహధారా నివాఅ భీఆఏ
దిజ్జఇ వంకగ్గీవాఏ దీవఓ పహిఅ జాఆఏ. (3-22) 

As memories of her beloved man brought tears to her
Eyes while lighting up the evening lamp in the house
The woman of the house kept her face away sideways
Fearing the lamp may not light up under her falling tears.

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