Gems of ‘gaatha saptaSati’…(7)

The ways of good men are always different.  Even if they are hurt, they do not show off their hurt, they continue to behave normal. Attainment of this state of mind is not that easy. Some men bring themselves to this state with the help of great discipline and from hard learning from life experiences etc. Persons who possess this quality are called ‘satjanulu’, which means ‘persons of good demeanor’. It would always be rewarding to have a person of this quality as friend.  The reward is that even if you misbehave, out of your ignorance or any other reason, it is guaranteed that the result of your misbehavior and the hurt will not touch the heart of this man i.e., he will never take it to his heart  and he continues to behave as usual.

There have been countless number of instances of existence of such personalities in the human history and the existence of one such man during the times of gaatha saptaSati was recorded in this gaatha, in the most pleasant way possible.  In this gaatha comparison was drawn between the Moon and a ‘satjanudu’ and the qualities of such man were equaled to the pleasantness of the rays of the Moon.  The Moon continues to shower moonlight even when he happens to be under the grip of ‘Raahu’, a shadowy planet that takes the form of a snake and engulfs Moon during the occurrence of an eclipse on a full-moon night, according to Hindu mythology.

‘dRDha roesakalusi assa vi su aNassa muhaahi vippi aM kaMtoe?
raahu muhammi vi sasiNoe kiraNaa ama aM vi a mu aMti.’           (4-19)

దృఢ రోసకలుసి అస్స వి సుఅణస్స ముహాహి విప్పిఅం కంతో?
రాహు ముహమ్మి వి ససిణో కిరణా అమఅం వి అ ముఅంతి.  

However disturbed may be a good man’s mind,
Have you ever heard a bad word emanate from his mouth?
The Moon may be under the grip of Raahu,
The rays that emanate from Him continue to shower nectar.

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